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7075: Miami-Dade Haitian-Creole Competency Based Curriculum (fwd)

From: MariLinc@aol.com


I'm not sure if the Miami-Dade School System's Division of Bilingual 
Education and World Languages Web Site has been brought to your attention 
before; I stumbled upon it yesterday and it is very impressive.

URL for M-D's Division of Bilingual Education and World Languages:


Miami-Dade is a school system that has its act together!  No wonder, 
Michaelle Vincent and Marc-Arthur Jean Louis (who help Tometro Hopkins with 
the FIU Creole Language Workshop every 2 years) take an active part in 
guiding its development with regard to things having to do with 
Haitian-Creole Language Arts.  What an online resource!

URL for Haitian-Creole Language Arts:


A gem hidden within this larger site is an outline of the Miami-Dade 
Haitian-Creole Competency Based Curriculum.



I salute those who have put their heads and hands together to produce so much 
online content for Haitian-Creole Bilingual Education!


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