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7125: Re: 7112: Morse/Driver (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 02/21/2001 10:11:17 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com writes:

<< I'm sure he's also reneged on a whole 
lot of other deals.  In his first election he was part of FNCD and when it 
came time to name a Prime minister and cabinet he went outside of the party 
to choose his own people. I would say there's a history of reneging on deals. 
A great number of the new opposition are former allies, Herve Denis, Evans 
Paul. In the past, the opposition had been the Army and the macoutes. >>
<< This week Aristide was at a Caricom meeting promising, I'm sure, free 
and fair elections. Six and a half years with a support of the majority of 
Haitians, 3 parliamentary elections and 2 presidential elections and we're 
still getting promises for fair elections? When? Perhaps when all opposition 
has been eliminated>>
I want to ask you something Richard.  It occurs to me that you were against 
the Coup government, in a legendary way too!  And now you are against 
Aristide.  I respect that you have your reasons but I am curious.  I hear 
these things from people who never say who they DO support.  Even if you 
don't want to say you support them, then why not put out some names of 
possible candidates whom you WOULD like to have lead the country.  It seems 
so easy to criticize and gossip and repeat rumors but not so easy to come up 
with solutions and alternatives.  I would like to know who is out there.  Who 
are they grooming to stir the people's emotions and hopes and really do the 
work of putting the country in working order?  I only hear about old men who 
orate in French and puff their chests out and say, well, pretty much the same 
things you have said...nothing but anti-Aristide rhetoric.  Let's hear some 
positive ideas.  Educated Haitians who oppose Aristide should resist the 
temptation to stay in the coup cycle (which is damned embarrassing and less 
than intellectual if you ask me!) and start doing something that shows 
everyone that someone else (besides Aristide) is capable of moving the 
country out of the morass and into productivity and prosperity for everyone.  
It might be good business for a rebel musician to be anti-everything, but 
some balance would be good to hear...;)

Kathy Dorce~