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7126: President Bush letter to President Aristide (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

February 13, 2001 letter from President George W. Bush addressed to:

His Excellency, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, President of the Republic of Haiti

"Dear Mr. President:  As you return to Haiti's Presidency, let me extend to 
you my best wishes and those of the American people.  Haiti's many challenges 
will require your steadfast leadership in order to secure a prosperous and 
democratic future for the people of Haiti.

"You have pledged to resolve the controversies that impede Haiti's progress.  
Toward that end, your participation in the internationally mediated dialogue 
will demonstrate your personal commitment to this pledge.  The eight-point 
agreement you made in December is a good starting point for realigning the 
relationship between our two countries and for advancing the best interests 
of the Haitian people.

"Again, I encourage your personal attention to these important matters.  
Ambassador B. Dean Curran, serving as my personal representative, is 
available to work with you on ways our two countries can work together to 
benefit the Haitian people."