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7127: Re: Toussaint (#7090), Purchase of $1.2M House(#7113), Carnaval (Jacmel) & CASSIS (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

I thought I'd share an interesting email just received from
Haiti.  It answers to posts #7090, #7113, and also goes on to
describe the weekend in Jacmel (carnaval) and the recent murder
of Gerard Cassis:

          Yes, this is what we are hearing in Haiti
          that Danny Toussaint is going to replace
          Denizé, but there is another side to the
          story also, that is a break between Aristide
          and Toussaint, as Toussaint is becoming too
          powerful, and Aristide cannot stand that, he
          has to be the almighty, but in the mean time
          Toussaint is completely above the law, and
          does what ever he pleases.

          As far as the house brought in Musseau, it
          belonged to Gerard Moscosso, the principal
          actionnaire of Sogebank, a multi-milionaire.
          The house was brought by Arisitide with
          government money to thank Preval for holding
          for him for the past 5 years, and obeying in

          Beside that, Preval had a mansion built in
          Marmelade where he will probably go, when it
          suits him to "faire la fete" with his friends
          and drink .

          Then, spent the week end in Jacmel for their
          carnaval.  They made eveybody paid  50
          gourdes to get into the town, and  they had
          approximately 30,000 people from other places
          in the country, but they could not afford to
          put a life guard on the beach or an
          ambulance, so 5 people drowned, 5 young
          people.   Nobody realize they had problems;
          it was someone on his jet ski that saw them,
          could not help all of them at the same time,
          so he recovered 2 of them; by the time he
          went back for the others the current has
          taken them, and they
          could not be found.  Life in Haiti is not
          important, it is so sad ...

          Le comercant Gerard Cassis was killed this
          weeek end also.  This is a man who was with
          Cedras to overtrow Aristide, so he had to go
          in exil when he came back, so had left his
          business and family behind, he paid Aristide
          and Gladys Lauture who made les demarches for
          him, close to one million US dollars to come
          back to Haiti, visited Aristide pretty often,
          got into drug dealing with him too, he used
          him, and then last Friday, he was cornered by
          another car, and they shot him 5 times, broad
          day light excecution style, since the
          security guard who was with him, did not get
          a scrath, this to give you an idea of the
          country we are living in.  It is nothing that
          you can imagine, you who lived in Haiti.