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7174: student looking for help

From: Stephanie Stovall <stepherzlang@aol.com>

Hello!  My name is Stephanie, and I am currently finishing up my bachelor's
at the Universityof NE.  I was referred to you through echo d'haiti.com.

I have made several trips to Haiti over the past few years.  I have worked
at Sonlight Academy in Port-de-Paix, and have also been very involved with
medical treatment in both Au-Du-Cap and Seguin.  I plan to make return trips
to Haiti every year until I get my medical degree and will be able to serve
I have a need.  I am involved in a project right now in a 'race and ethnic
relations' class.  I would like first-hand perspectives on the conditions/
problems / aspects of Haitians getting involved in the work force of
America.  I know of a lot of families who are separated for years due to
relatives coming here to seek jobs.
I am very interested in hearing many points of view, many testimonies of
people and their possibe struggles with finding and maintaining jobs.  This
project in not only important to me for my future understanding, but it is
also serves as a guide for me to sympathize with the families I meet while
in Haiti.

What I am asking of you is for some contacts, through e-mail, (or even, by
permission, phone conversations) of which I can simply hear the testimony/
history of the Haitians who are in America right now.  If you could help me
in this project, please let me know.
Thank you for your time.

My address is :