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7175: message #7127 (fwd) Toussaint purchase of house

Posted anonymously by request

re:  7127, Toussaint, purchase of house, etc.

The item addressed in this message, which contains facts written so honestly 
and clear the message becomes a chilling reminder, is finally a reference a 
lot of people have been waiting for:  the mention of the woman:  Gladys 
Lauture has remained literally nearly an "anonymous advisor", practically 
unknown to the international community, to this administration since 
President Aristide took the oath of office - even before.  It seems 
impossible that she has remained relatively behind the scenes despite her 
tenacious power.
A throwback from the dread days when the voracious greed of Michele Duvalier 
crippled an already lame country, Lauture operates with ruthless tactics 
that can only be described as dramatically familiar, mired in the pits of 
extreme remines as sick as the Third Reich.
A registered Laboratory Technician by profession, it is unclear how Michele 
Duvalier met Lauture, but they became immediately close, as Michele also 
identified with the rough woman's killer instincts.  They went into business 
During the coup d'etat, Lauture pretended to lay low, when in fact she was 
protected by the Military who naturally were attracted by her blind greed.  
When the poor Parish Priest, Jean Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti as a 
returned but disallusioned hero, he was a good ploy to lead into the path of 
the same power and greed.  Lauture became his mentor, his mother, his 
financier, his broker, and his confidante.  Her pretense as a Democratic 
supporter" insured more trust when Aristide returned, especially when it was 
obvious her definition of Democracy would make him super rich.  Aristide's 
giant ego was, and is, constantly massaged by this plain, unattractive 
woman. The President is dazzled by Lauture's blatant ambition.  When Preval 
was President he did not like Lauture, but also quickly accepted (and 
identified) that one did not need frills or beauty to succeed.  Again, the 
country is paralyzed by leaders who have exercized the horribly familiar 
power of increasing and furthering their own gains over any advancement at 
all of its people.
This woman is feared by all.  She is a partner in crime.  Her house became 
"the place to go", for the foreign community as well as the Haitian.  
Everyone is afraid of this woman, as she insists she is included in all 
business deals inside of the regime.  If there is a deal that excludes her, 
the person or persons involved may simply disappear.
How does it happen this unbelievably fierce, uneducated, mannerless, 
heartless woman is never mentioned when the unending problems of the 
political situation in Haiti are discussed and analyzed.  How does she get 
away with it?  How can she be stopped?  How can she be prosecuted for her 
crimes, as war criminals are?  How can she gain when so many lose so much?
This message is not meant to open non-ending discussions or huge debates 
about what is obvious.  The information listed is important only in that it 
conveys an urgent warning for immediate action of some sort.  People like 
Gladys Lauture must be stopped at this moment of time in Haiti. She must be 
demasque or else shocking facts like the unbelievable and unnecessary 
expenditures for the recent inauguration of Aristide will continue and grow 
like cancer.  Lauture managed this budget.  For example, approximatley 
$500,000. was spent on silverware and dishes for only one V.I.P. room.  This 
was just one reception out of six. Over one million dollars U.S. was spent 
for this inauguration.  Imagine.
And then there is the house for Preval.
Where is this taking us?
This is one urgent, definite aspect that must be addressed before things get 
even more completely out of hand. Haiti must be free, must progress, and 
finally must employ the Democracy that applies to all of its people, and not 
to a chosen few.