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7176: Re: 7171: other Haitian drinks (fwd)

From: Sarah Belfort <shoesbelfort@yahoo.com>

I have had several delicious versions of Haitian
"cocktail" (clairin mixed with fruit and fruit juice),
but I do not have an actual recipe for it.  Could
someone please post a tried-and-true koktèl recipe?

other Haitian drink news:  Sadly, Prestige was not
available at Champs de Mars for the Kanaval
celebrations, as glass bottles were prohibited. 
Still, the celebrations last night were very
enjoyable.  Good music, good sound, a good and
non-intimidating police presence, and just a good, fun
attitude from the crowds there.  There were a few
showers towards midnight but it didn't slow anybody
down-- the bands kept on playing under tarps.  There
were also spectucular fireworks right next to the

Sarah Belfort

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