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7177: Re: 7138: 15 year old Barbancourt, Reserv du Domain (fwd)

From: Jim Frisken <jfrisken@hotmail.com>

Out of curiosity, what is the price of 3 star,  5 star, and 15 year old 
Reserve Barbancourt in Haiti?  After recovering from Seattle's shocking 
Mardi Gras riots last night and the 6.8 earthquake this morning, I decided 
to relax by checking the local prices at the state-owned liquor store, and 
perhaps sampling quite a bit of their fine product.  They sell 5 star for 
$19.95 and the 15 year old for $32.65.  They don't bother with the 3 star.  
As I recall, 3 and 5 star cost about $3 and $6 in the Petionville 
supermarket a few years ago.       Jim
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