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7194: Re: 7159: Re: [7134: Pina/Morse (fwd)

From: "James R. Ruckle" <jruckle@citynet.net>

> I just read a few posts back where you were dumbfounded regarding why the
> Colin Powell and Kennedy clans were so gung ho on investment in Haiti and now
> you are stating Aristide is responsible for keeping investors away. Huh? Hip
> me as to how you square the angles on that circle without losing surface area.

Simple. Colin Powell and Ted Kennedy are a diplomat and a Senator, with addresses
in DC, not Wall Street. People who put their own money into a country, in large
amounts, want it to have

a) a stable currency, so they know what their money is worth;

b) the guarantee that someone won't treat their factory as a symbol of oppression
and trash it or nationalize it;

c) public safety, so they don't have to take their life in their hands to visit;

d) a good "business climate", which usually means policies that make Reagan look

It helps if the country is not being embargoed, which makes Colin Powell's remarks
rather puzzling. Playing both ends against the middle?
James R. Ruckle
"And they shall call his name Emmanuel, which means, God with us."
"Y llamarás su nombre Emmanuel, que declarado, es: Con nosotros Dios."