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#7215: Lauture: more

I used to criticize those anonymous posts on Corbettland.  Now
i see the importance thereof.  I was wrong.  Please post this
one anonymously. Live and learn.

More than those bozos on the Convergence with their apparently senile
"parallel" president, Ms Gladys Lauture, like the pseudo-capitalists Mevs,
Madsen, Brandt, Bigio, Cassis, Moscosso and al  for whom paying taxes
is tantamount to  war,  represents a real danger for Haiti. 
"Water cannot skip a hole", a Haitian proverb.  She is that hole for
every  serious  $ business deal in Haiti.  From Haitel (a
MCI-Haitian cellular telephone company for whose implantation in Haiti she
got $125,000) to everything else under the sun, she gets a cut.  A big
cut. By the way she is by no means Lavalas. 
She hates them.  She thinks they are stupid. She once said "those
Lavalas idiots think they can do politics without money. I'm gonna teach
Like it is of practice in the United States, Gladys Lauture provides
ACCESS. By the way she never liked Jean Dominique. He was too straight. 
She was instrumental in getting Aristide to cut ties with Dominique.
It is true she helped Aristide. Now, if he really wants to do good,
she is a hurdle. A big fat one. 
True the new miscast Minister of the Dispora is one of her protegs. 
But Leslie Voltaire's position is a throwback because he used to be VERY
close to the epicenter of power. Maybe it is just to placate her.
Maybe it is a hopeful sign that Aristide will one day get rid of this

Why most of us have posted these anonymously?  You guessed it. 
Some of us might still have to go to Haiti.  She is that powerful. 
She found Aristide's weaknesses, whatever they may be. In fact, she found
the weak spot of everyone else's around her. She is also well connected
in Washington.  During the military reign (91-94) she traveled to
the US at will though she was known to be an Aristide advisor. She just
knows how to share that ill gotten wealth. She gets everyone around her
a percentage so nobody can claim to be clean.
So, those previous posts about her are so right and then some. 
The sad part, besides advising Aristide to help small school children
September, she has no vision for Haiti.  She is too busy plotting
and making money.
Has this god forsaken place not suffered enough?