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7236: Port Dauphin, May 16, 1821revolutionary symptoms at Port , Dauphin, and add a few more to his

From: Perdue and Persinos <vtandwi@erols.com>

Key Words: Port Dauphin  Fort Liberte  President Boyer  General Magny
General Romaine

The following is a copy of a short article that appeared in the
COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, No. 3871, May 16, 1821, page 2.  (This
newspaper was published two times a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays,
at "Four dollars per annum".  It is available at the Library of
Congress, Washington, DC, Bound Newspaper No. 8192.)

The article appeared in a column headed:



  BALTIMORE, May 9.  We continue to receive "bloody news" from Hayti.
The blacks of Cape Haytien have made another effort to throw off the
yoke of the yellows, but have again been frustrated.  On the 11th April
Gen. MAGNY (Commander in Chief under BOYER) on suspicion that Gen.
ROMAINE (an excellent officer and most humane man) had instigated the
two regiments commanded by him to assinate BOYER on his arrival at the
Cape, gave orders for his arrest.  On the arrival of BOYER he ordered
ROMAINE to be sent to Port-au-Prince, which was done, and the two
regiments immediately revolted, and demanded the restoration of their
General.  Boyer treated their demands with contempt, and measures being
in train to suppress the revolt by superior numbers, the two regiments
surrendered.  The Clolonels, Majors, and other officers, were
immediately tried and executed, and fifty others were under sentence of

   The accounts add that affairs were not settled at the Cape and that
business was much deranged by the revolutionary movements, and
sanguinary executions, which were almost daily taking place.  On the
27th April, President BOYER left Cape Haytien, with 400 men, to suppress
revolutionary symptoms at Port Dauphin, and add a few more to his

Bob Perdue