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7236: Defending Lauture (fwd)


I've been thoroughly informed -- and entertained -- by the thread on Gladys 
Latoure.  Although I recognize some of the accusations against this 
power-broker as quite unethical, the feminist in me wants to say "Bravo!" to 
this dynamic and intriguing woman.

There's a popular saying among urban youth, which goes:  "Don't hate the 
player; hate the game."  That seems to be an appropriate comment here on Ms. 
Latoure's involvement.  Too many governments in troubled nations have failed 
miserably because of "nationalistic" tendencies.  There would be a lot of 
stagnation without well-connected people like Gladys Latoure helping keep 
things moving & shaking from outside financial sources

Yes, I'm sure she's well paid for her services.  Aren't you?  And if we 
aren't well paid, we should be as smart as Latoure to ensure that we get all 
that we deserve for our time, energy and thinking.

Where am I coming from, theoretically supporting such a clearly despised 
woman?  I'm speaking as an intelligent woman who, like millions of others, 
feels that our gender has been miscalculated and maligned too long by a 
male-dominated society.  We are no different from  people of color rebelling 
against the oppression of colonial powers.  Sometimes "minorities" eek out 
some power in the U.S.  So why not a woman in Haiti?

Just sounds like Latoure's mastered a time-honored game, no different from 
the way influential bigshots play the game anywhere -- particularly in the 
U.S.  Sorry, but I find it refreshing that this time, it's a woman who's the 
brains behind it all.