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7256: Re: 7247 & 7236 Lauture issue (fwd)

Please post this anonymously.

RE: POST 7247

when someone states that there is only a  few people
responding to the Lauture issue on a list of a 1000+,
one cannot stay silent on this list.Quite the

we should not be naive when people are making
sarcastic and cynical comments about opinions and

RE: POST 7236

the people who applaud her as a champion of feminism
(you gotta be kidding us!!!) or a succesfull power
broker should come with facts just as other people
have done I presume. If these deals her wheeling and
dealings have benefitted her and her cotterie of fans,
than what is there to be proud of unless you are part
of that cotterie. 

"Dynamic, intriguing woman..." 
would like to know what her dynamism contributes to?
what has she done for Haiti? In concrete terms explain
this to us and back up such a comment

"well paid for her services..."
I do hope that all government employees in Haiti can
say the same .
if everyone was well paid, there would be much less
corruption in our poor country and perhaps they would
really do the work they are supposed to do.

"A woman who's the brain behind it all..."
Behind what? I am real curious and would like this
poster to list some of her successes in Haiti.
what has she been planning that we can see today in
what are her superlative accomplishments that HAITI
and the HAITIAN PEOPLE have benefitted from? And that
all HAITIAN women can be proud of today?

""And the truth shall set us free!"