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7257: Re: 7247: Pierre Louis responds to tolerance (fwd)

From: Moibibi@aol.com

Mr. Corbett, 

In Vodoun, we have a tendency to refer to our oral Tradition as we speak. 
Haitians, in general, have a tendency to quote their leaders in an appraising 
or downgrading manner. I quoted JFK only because I liked the idea of one 
doing for his country instead of one preying upon his country meager 

I thank you for pointing out that I am suggesting that only activism is 
morally acceptable. I had never realized that I was suggesting such thing but 
I like to think you are right. Passivity in front of misery is immoral.

I appreciate those who do something, whatever it is. Yet, someone said that 
the road to hell was paved with good intentions and I would like, if you 
permit me to do so, to be more explicit without downgrading the opinion of 
anyone. It will just be my opinion and isn't the list for everyone to express 
their opinions?

I have read countless political discussions from all sides but I have never 
ever seen mentioned the Vodouists of Haiti. What does that mean? Are we 
inexistant? Are we transparent? Who are we, in reality?

In my humble opinion, we are Haiti. Everybody for at least two centuries have 
been resting on our shoulders. We are the "peasant" often called "moun 
andeyo" that have fed the whole population for so long. We are the "dokte 
fey" that cured the sicks for centuries. We are those who have helped the 
Nation to be a Nation and it is common in Haiti to become the enemy of 
whoever has helped you (question of poorly placed dignity).

As such, how can we accept that all those good doers who buy our land and 
pass in front of our small gates with their flocks to call us Satan invade 
our country?

(If you need more information, please check: http://demonbuster.com, those 
sects are the majority of those who invade our countryside and our best lands)

I understand very well that it is hard to face the reality. I understand that 
you, Bob Corbett (my dear Dictator) have a hard time to realize that our 
country main problem comes from the very fact that the majority of the 
population is ignored. When I say: IGNORED, I mean politically. And, I also 
say that those who ignore this very fact contribute to the perpetuation of 
the situation and pave the road to hell.

All right, call me an "activist". I say thank you. I am not a democrat nor a 
liberal nor a republican. I am a Haitian Vodouist, I love my country and I 
would like more people to love in the same way.

What would a discussion with Professor Desmangles bring to Haiti? NOTHING and 
I regret to have ever gotten into it. What I really wish is not to be alone 
in this fight. So many of the readers and scholars come out of hounfo and are 
still ashamed of whom they really are and refuse to participate.

Do you know that much too many of my brothers and sisters still identify 
themselves as how they have been designated for centuries by the "churches" : 
thieves and assassinsâ?¦

My very dear dictator, believe me the situation is alarmant!