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7269:re: 7267: student traveling to Haiti seeks advice (fwd)


From: Alexander Newton <anewton@usaid.gov>

She should, first, go to Jacmel, 2-1/2 hours from PAP, stay at a B&B 
(entering town, she should see the sign for one in the heart of town; there 
are quite a few in town, some not well marked or marked at all; all about 
equal, only $25/night). Lots of art to see in stores in Jacmel. In 
particular, see the Aid to Artisans shop, 1 block from the well-known Hotel 
Jacmelian in heart, on dirty beach. Have lunch or dinner at The Florita 
hotel, a fabulous old hotel (not cheap) with tons of atmosphere, then check 
out Moro's art shop directly next door and tell Moro and the wife Paule that 
Alex (of PAP) sent you. Only good beaches there are along the beach road to 
the east, 10-20 km, ie take tap-tap.
     Second, fly to Cap Haitien ($88 roundtrip vs. 8-hour bus trip), stay at 
Norm's Place in Labadi Village (50 minutes away by Tap-Tap/bus). THE best 
place to stay in all of Haiti, right on the water, $25/night, in 300-year old 
fort, run by fascinating couple. Norm can tell about what's interesting to 
do. Be SURE to take a tap-tap from Cap Hatian to the Citidal, the 180-year 
old fortress - an absolutely don't miss. Center of Cap Hatian itself is quite 
interesting, lots of old buildings. 
     The Lonely Planet guide to Haiti and the DR is your best guide. Hope 
this is helpful. alex