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7270: RE: 7247: The Desmangles/Pierre Louis exchange:

From: Beverly Najt <banajt2@earthlink.net>

Thank you Bob for your comments!
Haiti is a nation with tremendous needs.  That we can all agree upon.  If
we just look at the problems, we will be overwhelmed with their
complexity.  But each of us has talents with which we can enrich her.
What we have to offer may seem like a drop in a very deep bucket, but
every effort has value, and when combined with the efforts of others',
becomes more effective.  I, for one, am grateful to anyone who genuinely
attempts to make a positive difference in Haiti.  What concerns me is the
continual division and strife.  Destruction always comes from within.  A
nation that is united, whole, healthy and wise can withstand a certain
degree of rebellion, but a "house divided against itself cannot stand".  I
think it's time we all move up to a higher level in our efforts to make
the needed changes in Haiti.  Evidently we keep making the same mistakes
over and over again.  Our strategies and meth! ! ods are simply not
working!  Perhaps we need a new perspective.  Perhaps we need to focus on
solutions and positive actions rather than the problems themselves.  And
we waste so much time discussing the negatives! What small positive
actions can each of us take (today!) to turn Haiti around?