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14129: Saint-Vil - free of charge partial translation of Aristide Cayes speech (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

I hope by now monsieur Chamberlain has found help from one of these
french-speaking geniuses we are told comprehend Haitian Kreyòl after only 2
hours of undisturbed bronzage in the Ollofson. Thus, I trust he and everyone
else who have actually READ and Understood the text - have realised by now
that they were indeed taken on a fast and crazy ride to nowhere!

Nonetheless, I would like to offer this free of charge translation of "the
most racy you can imagine" parts of the speech. And, although my commend of
the english language may be gooder that that of Monsieur Du Tuyau, it
probably can help out - until the official english version comes out.

Here goes it...


President Aristide speaking...

"Si ou nan konplo a anba anba jan sa te fèt lè Kou Deta 1991 lan, nou konnen
se pa Lame d Ayiti sèlman k te fè Kou Deta a, Lame d Ayiti te genyen gwo
konplis ki te mete avè l pou fè Kou Deta a. jodi a tou gen konplis ki dèyè
konplo Kou Deta a."

( if you are hypocritically involved in the plot as happened during the 1991
coup, we all know that it wasn’t the FadH (Haitian Army) alone that
conducted the coup, it had BIG accomplices who helped it realize the coup.
Today also, there are accomplices behind the coup plot)
[Nope! no mention of race there. But some people do have greater than 20/20

"A 2 zan pandan nou pral Selebre 200 zan Endepandans, maladi Kou Deta a fò l
soti nan san politisyen Ayisyen ! (APLODISMAN FOUL LA)"

(2 years ahead of our 200th year of independence celebrations, this Coup
d’Etat virus must exit itself from the blood of Haitian politicians – CROWD

[blood contains cells, cels contain chromosomes, chromosomes have genes. Ah
ah ! maybe the politicians mentioned above can sue the president for being
racist towards them - I am sure Roger Noriega's OAS can find the appropriate
resolution to support such a worthy claim!]

"Maladi Kou Deta a fò l soti nan san kèk moun ki abitye konplis ! lè yo bay
kòb ou byen lè yo kore moun k ap fè konplo pou pa respekte volonte Pèp."

(This coup d’Etat virus must exit itself from the blood of some people who
have the habit of being accomplices [in coups d’etat]! When they give money
or when they endorse those who are plotting to disrespect [undo] the
people’s will)

[wow ! who could these accomplices the president refers to be? Could they be
the CIA who engaged Raoul Cédras, Michel François, Toto Constant and helped
them all get away with murder? could they be the foreign-rooted Haitian
mafia (MRE) which financed the coup, FRAPH, the anti-return to constitional
rule movement (remember Harlan County October 30, 1993?), could they be the
Jesse Helms gang which went to the U.S. Congress with fake documents to
prove the Haitian president mentally unstable? could it be Lynn Garrisson?
Could it be some of the people who now, I understand, come and go as they
please in the national palace, having tea with the president they once paid
to have assassinate? Who could it be now?]

"Lè yo pa respekte volonte pèp la, se paske yo gen anpil prejije pou ou, se
paske yo gen anpil mepri pou ou,
Sa k ap fèt la a se pa yon Konplo Kont Prezidan Aristide non !
S on konplo kont Pèp Ayisyen !
Se pa Prezidan Aristide yo pa renmen,
Se Pèp Ayisyen yo pa renmen !"

(when they do not respect the people’s will, it is because they have plenty
of prejudices against you, it is because they despise you, what is happening
here is not a plot against president Aristide but a plot against the Haitian
people. It is not President Aristide whom they do not like, but the Haitian

[Glad to realize that you've realised it and have finally decided to express
it so Mr. President! Now whatyougonnadoabout it brother president?]

"Ou se peyizan,
Yo pa renmen w,
Ou se malere,
Yo pa renmen w,
Ou gen menm koulè avè mwen,
Yo pa renmen w,
Cheve w grenn menm jan avè m,
Yo pa renmen w,
Pitit ou pa pitit gwo zotobre,
Yo pa renmen w,
Donk lè konsa ou pa moun pou yo,"

(You are a peasant, they do not like you. You are poor, they do not like
you, You share the same tone of skin as I, they do not like you. Your hair
is kinky as mine, they do not like you. You child is not that of a rich
person, they do not like you. Therefore, in this case, you are not human in
their view)

[Bingo ! This is the big deal ! the cause of the great controversy. The
cause of 160th Haitian civil war. But wait, let me read it over
again...where is the word mulatto? Where is the call to go get them and
terrorize their children's children? I was sure it was somewhere in there
for the news-crafters told me so. I must go back to school to refresh my
Kreyòl menmsi analfabèt pa bèt ou pa janm konnen. ]

"Lè konsa si yo pa bouche nen yo pou yo pase pre w paske yo gen prejije a
nan kè yo, Lè w vote, yo refize respekte dwa w ! (MOUN YO APLODI)
(Then, if they do not cover their noses when they pass you by because of the
prejudice they arbhor in their hearts against you; when you go out to vote,
they refuse to respect your rights)

[ who dat? why is Aristide still speeking about black voters in florida?
Hasn't he heard that Gore conceeded long ago? and in fact Trent Lott is now
majority leader after a second left-wing Senator died in a plane crash. The
U.S. is a multi (well actually two) party demokkkracy where Republicans
control both their parliament and their palais nasyonal - as Lavalas does in
Haiti and Chavez in Venezuela - same difference but different realiy!]

"Dessalines te di : tout moun se moun !
Libète pou tout moun !
Prezidan an di : fòk li respekte dwa Opozisyon an, fò l respekte dwa moun ki
pa dakò avè l. Men l pa ka dakò pou moun ki pa dakò ak Pèp la vle retire nan
yon Manda 5 kan Pèp la chwazi bay Prezidan an ! (MOUN YO BAT BRAVO)"

(Dessalines said: all humans are human! Freedom for all ! The president
says: he must respect the opposition, he must respect the rights of those
not in agreement with him. However, he cannot agree that people who are not
in agreement with the People want to take away from a 5 year mandate which
the People chose to give to the president – THE PEOPLE APPLAUD)

[ Funny how in this speech Aristide keeps on repeating 5 years not ten, 5
years not ten.  I wish G.W. Bush could be pushed to promise us the same. Oh,
how I wish!!)

"m konnen l pa fasil, m konnen lè ou wè ou an kòlè, gen defwa w bezwen yon
moun ki pou vide dlo sou tèt ou. Se sa m vin fè jodi a."

(I know it is not easy, I know when you are angry, sometimes you need
someone to drop some water over your head. That’s what I came to do today)

Now, this is an interesting piece of RACE history that should have helped
calm som overly exited folks down....

"Lè Toussaint louverture rive isit la, li te vin chèche yon sè l ki te rele
GENEVIÈVE, lè l jwenn ak sè a GENEVIÈVE, li rann li kont GENEVIÈVE te plase
nan fason pa l avèk yon kolon e l te fè 10 pitit avè l.
Toussaint anbrase ti neve l, ti nyès li, li anbrase sè l. Paske li menm menm
si se pa nan zantray li timoun sa yo te soti, men se ti san l, se ti sè l,
se ti frè l, se neve l. Se menm lespri sa a ki pou gide tout moun nan
Depatman Sid la, e tout Ayisyen nan tout peyi a. Sa vle di yon lespri de
fratènite kote grangou lòt la tounen grangou pa w, pwobl èm pa l tounen
pwoblèm pa w pou w pa janm pran direksyon ki pa bon pou frè w. Men pou w
toujou chèche sa ki bon pou frè w. Se sa k fè nou pa nan rayisans"
(When Toussaint Loverture arrived here, he came to seek for a sister of his
named Geneviève, When he found her, he realised that Geneviève was living
with (so to speak) a “colon” and had 10 children by him. Toussaint embrassed
his nephews, his nieces, his sister. Although these children did not come
from his bosoom,  they were his “little bloods”, his little sisters, his
little brothers, his nephews. It is this same spirit that should guide all
the people in the South Department and all Haitians all over the country.
Meaning a spirit of brotherhood where the brethren’s hunger, his problem
becomes yours in such a way that you never take a direction which is
detrimental to your brethren. But that you always seek that which is
beneficial to your brother. This is why we reject hatred.)

[Realizing, he has taken this Toussaint Louverture thing much too far now,
President Aristide admits....

"mwen pa Toussaint louverture, men m chwazi suiv Toussaint Louverture, imite
li, respekte l e kite lespri l la gide m."

(I am not Toussaint Louverture, but I choose to follow  and imitate him,
respecting him and letting his spirit guide me…)

"Ou wè ki jan s on gran pèp, li di sa l ap viv san l pa mande vyolans. Fòk
moun k ap fè vyolans yo ta mande pèp Ayisyen padon pou jan Pèp Ayisyen bon."

(See how this is a great people, expressing her sorrows without resorting to
violence. Indeed, those using violence should ask forgiveness of the Haitian
people for she is such a good people)

So, by then you are probably saying to yourself man this was muchado about
nothing ! But wait, don,t be so quick to dismiss the speech and its
promoters. Here is one of the reasons why they would rather you see what is
imagined to be in it instead of what in fact is:

"Nou sot mete 100 000 000 goud apa pou pati politik ki di yo te viktim jou
17 desanm ane pase a lè yo te fè koudeta rate a."
(We have put aside 100 milion HG [$2.7M U.S] to give to political parties
that say they were victimised december 17th of last year when there was this
failed coup d’etat)

nou lonje 50 000 000 goud bay pati politik OPL li di li twò piti se 100 000
000 pou yo ba li… Eske nou ban m otorizasyon pou m al reziyen m pou al
chèche plis toujou pou m bay pati politik yo ? (FOUL LA TRÈ FACHE LÈ LI

(we presented 50 milion HG [$1.4M U.S.] to the OPL political party and it
said this is not enough they must have 100 milion HG… [$2.7 M U.S.]…Do you
authorise me to make even more sacrifices and go look for more to give to

[ So was I (unhappy). Especially after having done all this translating for
free! The president continues to speak of peace. But peace in the head
cannot be attained without peace in the belly]

"Mwen sèmante kòm Prezidan peyi d Ayiti,
Pou m toujou mache nan lapè
Pou m toujou gide pèp la sou wout lapè a
Pou nou toujou mache nan wout eleksyon
Pou nou pa janm tounen nan koudeta
Pou nou pa janm rete nan ig ang
Men okontrè pou lapè sa a
Tounen yon limyè sivilizasyon
Ki kontinye klere lemond antye
Pou lè li rankontre menm sivilizasyon an nan lòt peyi
Pou l fè limyè sivilizasyon an vin pi djanm
Paske se sèl sivilizasyon lapè a
Ki kapab fè lemond grandi, grandi, grandi
Pou moun pa viv nan grangou.

Mèsi !

( I sware as president of Haiti to always walk in peace, to always guide the
people on the path of peace, so that we always walk on the road of
elections, so that we never return to Coups d’Etat, so that we never stall
with discord but instead for this peace to become a civilizing light that
continues to brighten up the whole world, so that when it meets the same
level of civilization in other countries, the civilizing light gets
reinforced even further. Because, only the civilization of peace can help
the world grow to [a point where] people shall live and hunger no more.
Thank you!).

[I ate well today. I even have enough energy to stay late in front this
computer screen trying to find humour in my people's tragic reality. But, i
know my cousin in Kafoufèy did not eat so well today and his patience and
humour will likely not be the same as mine. So Mr. President, you may chose
Toussaint Louverture's spirit but before long Dessalines' own might break
lose, and with or without your consent, it may start dancing all over the
and of the self-freed. For when Toussaint came, they did not recognize him.]

«No more dead heroes in our ranks, no tanks, no thanks!»

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