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28799: love haiti: (reply) felix (comments) RE: 28794: Morse (comment) (fwd)

From: love haiti <loveayiti@hotmail.com>

Nothing strange about people going to a pharmacy to buy products to lighten their skin before a trip to the consulate

They should remember the codes used by the Consulate in Brazil

"These initials are LP (looks poor) - this is used in reference to an applicant that looks poor. LR (looks rough) is used referring to someone who has no or little formal education. TP (talks poor) are in reference to those who express themselves poorly. TC (take care) is in reference to someone who seems suspicious and the last is RK (rich kid) referring to an applicant that appears rich."

US District Court in Washington later ruled that such practices are unlawful and that the firing of a consular employee in Brazil who refused to follow orders to use the profiles was also unlawful. Don't know what happened from there.

I wonder what kinds of codes they would use in Haiti?