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28801: lyall (reply) Haiti's garment industry seeks relief (fwd)


is there any activity in a more homegrown clothing industry, that anyone knows of?

There are lots of Tailors. All the school kids you see on the streets wear custom tailored clothes. The School Uniform business keeps lots of skilled tailors working. They make suits for the domestic market. A Tailor is a respected middle class occupation. Was, maybe.

Young adults want jeans and T-shirts tho, not tailor made slacks and Guayabera.

I had my wedding Guayabera made in St Marc by my tailor. With Linen that I brought with me. It ended up costing me more than a ready made Linen Guayabera in Miami, one made in a Mexican factory. I have two of those also.

Most cobblers make a living repairing shoes, altho simple street made shoes are to be seen everywhere.