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Corbett replies:

I don't think the U.N. deserves a bad rap on this particular charge.

In the situaition in which Haiti is few nations, and Haiti is among them, would want to give up much independent authority to the U.N. Haiti is not looking for someone to take over the country (though that may be a very good idea), but to help them out.

Thus the contracts and agreements they sign set explicit rules for what the U.N. folks may and may not do. The people on the ground have to live with those rules.

Note that the Preval government had neither sent Haitian police to the area nor asked the U.N. to accompany them in (the U.N. role by rule).

Why not?

This I don't know but one reason might be they government is simply afraid to go in.

Another suggestion is that they even support the acts of the gangs.

And for not taking the U.N. in with them? Well, it seems to me often the police do not want any outsiders to see what they are doing.

Haiti is in a desperate situation and it doesn't seem far removed from anarchy, at least in the Port-au-Prince area.

Bob Corbett