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28966: Leiderman re 28952: it's time for Haiti webcasts (fwd)

From: leiderman@mindspring.com

dear Readers:

thanks for the Haiti Action post.  from here, it's 3000 miles to Berkeley and probably $500 round-trip.  I think it's time for us to videorecord Haiti-related events, send them to a central server and put them online.  actually, if I were Minister of Etrange Affairs, this would be a high priority.  instead of C-SPAN, it could be H-SPAN.  to start, a small membership fee could cover the expenses, then international agencies and organizations would pitch in to have a place to send recorded items about their Haiti projects.  at any rate, it'd be a pooled communicatinos tool, open to the public.  there seem to be dozens of meetings, performances, book readings, etc. around the country every month, and more in Haiti itself.  I'd appreciate the chance to watch or listen to them and have another way to keep current and see the major players...  I have broadcasting experience and would be happy to lend a hand.  who else wants it?


Stuart Leiderman