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28975: Sontaine (question) Haiti Action Committee and Secret Funding? (fwd)

From Georges Sontaine:

A little while back, I posted Parti Populaire National Secretary General Ben Dupuy's statement on former Haiti Progres editor Kim Ives. Since then, the statement has mysteriously disappeared from the Indybay site where I found it, but fortunately, there are other venues where one can read it:



An interesting part of that statement was Ben Dupuy's contention that "after the 4th session of the Tribunal in Montreal, left unpaid were :1) Miami University Security : $ 240.00 and : 2) Dave Welsh expenses $ 733.74. But before Berthony had a chance to mail the two checks for paying those expenses, he was informed by Kim Ives that his wife, Elisa Chavez, had unilaterally withdrawn all the balance in HSN account ($2000.00). Curiously, the next day, Kim Ives, personally delivered to Berthony $ 2000.00 cash from an "anonymous" donor."

Aside from the shell game Dupuy seems to suggest Ives was playing with the $ 2000.00, it was most interesting to hear that Dave Welsh was receiving money from Ben Dupuy. Dave Welsh has previously identified himself as "an activist with the Haiti Action Committee" Elsewhere Welsh is identified as "a San Francisco Labor Council delegate...for many years Executive Vice President of Golden Gate Branch #214 of the Letter Carriers Union." Nowhere is there any mention of his being employee of Ben Dupuy, Haiti Progres or the PPN.

As I believe Dave Welsh is a list member, could he clear up for us exactly what funds he is receiving from the Haiti Support Network (HSN), Ben Dupuy, PPN or Haiti Progres? How much money has he or any other members of the Haiti Action Committee received from the above-named sources since 2004? Perhaps Randall White could help clear up the confusion here? Could Kim Ives explain to us from what source these funds derived from.



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