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29024: RE: 28996: Durban (response): 28990: Peterson re. visiting Haiti (incl. Cap Haitien) (fwd)

From: Legrace Benson <lgbenson@cbs.ucsb.edu>

Comment 28996 Visitin Haiti

Thanks Lance Durban for encouraging report.  Re the Auberge du Picolet, I
watched it being built and can report that the construction is superiour to
most recent building efforts nearby. When it first opened I took a tour of
the facilities, hoping that it would be a good place for such groups as
Haitian Studies Association. It is attractive, clean, and has meeting rooms.
I've eaten there several times for lunch or dinner and have always had good
to excellent food.  Service was gracious and the owners employ locals.  One
waiter whose personal history I happen to know has moved via some local
mission work and this job from abject poverty to a decent living and
respect. My observations lead me to cite it as an example of good tourism
efforts all the way around.  Lovely view of the bay too.  P.S. I do not know
the owners personally.

Labadee is one of the better beaches I have ever experienced. On a Sunday
afternoon it gets a little bit crowded but even then there are quieter
places to explore or just sit and rest.  There is an old ruin of a customs
post that is of some interest as well as a natural feature, "Devil's
Cauldron" that is a fascinating pile of rocks with a ferocious whirlpool.
Local artists and craftspeople sell small works there.  Getting there over
the roads is Adventure Tourism but the views are great.

LeGrace Benson
Arts of Haiti Research Project