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29044: Sontaine (discuss) "Underreported" (fwd)

From: Georges Sontaine <georgessontaine@hotmail.com>

I just listened to the Deibert interview posted by Rob/Nat (sounds like someone can't keep their pseudonymns straight - the email liberalproject@hotmail.com is listed as belonging to one "Mike Rose" from Boston here: http://www.buyindies.com/listings/1/0/1077304909859.html), and the points I gleaned from it are as follows:

-Many Haitians feel that the United Nations is not doing enough to help Haiti.

-Gang fighting in Martissant has killed many people and forced them to flee their homes. This is common knowledge in Port-au-Prince.

-René Préval has appointed to the police and the judiciary several long-time opponents of Aristide such as Mario Andrésol, Luc-Eucher Joseph and Claudy Gassant.

-The police have been known to be brutal and corrupt and were highly politizied under Aristide.

-Political strife has destroyed the Haitian economy.

As I have not heard any credible source refute any of these points, I would like our friends (under any one of their names) tell us exactly what part of those points can be dismissed as "lies."

I notice Randall White and Haiti Action remain silent about the money that has been flowing to them from Ben Dupuy/Haiti Progres. And to think I was execting a shrill call for "transparency."


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