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29103: Hill(reply) RE: 28967: Scheerhorn (ask) safety on airport road (fwd)

From: Tony & Robin Hill <trrhill@sbcglobal.net>


I have just returned from Haiti and am happy to report that you should have
nothing to worry about on the transfer between the airports.

I have the name of a Taxi driver that I found to be very honest and
professional if you do not already have planned someone to meet you.

The UN has soldiers posted at the entrance to the airport road and there is
a considerable UN presence in the area.  Their main compound is on the other
side of the regional airport.

Also, I would suggest you fly Caribitair rather than Tortugair.  I had two
negative experiences with Tortugair and friends said they knew of others
that have had similar experiences.

Let me know if there are any specific questions I may be able to answer.

Tony Hill