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29184: Morse (comment) Charles Arthur/Left v. Right (fwd)


I've known Charles Arthur for quite a few years. We're not really drinking buddies but we've had our extended conversations during different regimes here in Haiti. If I were to describe Charles, I would say that he transends typical politics which are stuck in the quagmire of "left vs right". I get the feeling that a lot of people are only defending the notion of "left" or "right". For instance some one defending the Left may turn a blind eye when it's the Left thats burning down radio stations or attacking journalists. Just the same as some one from the Right finds a justification in "repression works" politics. Charles on the other hand doesn't seem to like dictatorial policies from the Left or Right. He always seems to be defending Haitian Workers against the left and the right. If some one were to tell me that Charles Arthur was involved in threatening peoples lives, I wouldn't believe them. Plain and simple. It would take a lot more than a letter on the internet or some one saying there's a police investigation for me to believe that Charles Arthur isn't a noble person.

As far as the notion that 8000 people were killed during Latortue's 2 years (thats 11 people a day, 330 people a month, for 24 months), I have a hard time swallowing that. No one else has those kind of figures. No one. The fact that there's a new "guestimate" proceedure thats given us these numbers (not to mention some one who uses a second identity to quote herself) makes it even harder to digest. I'm not pro Latortue by any means. I think he's a bum and I've said it before. I had band members arrested at my hotel with no warrants with no nothing, for no reason, during Latorture. Heavily armed, masked policemen parading inside the hotel intimidating my guests. I'm not saying by any means that I was at the front lines, but i do know for a fact that a lot of people left Belair, not when Latortue came to power, but when Aristide started using his gangs as his policing force.

You lawyers and spin doctors can sit in California or Miami or wherever it is you're from and write all the crap you want and if you convince some people that what you're saying is the truth, well then you're worth every bit of money your getting paid to say what you say and may God Bless you and may you continue to forever enjoy your rights of Freedom of Speech which both the Left and the Right, here in Haiti, have tried to greatly curtail.

Richard Morse
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