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29187: Beverly (notice) Collective Knowledge, Experience & Wisdom (fwd)

From: beverly@4ekselans.org


As a list member for a number of years, I have enjoyed reading the
different perspectives and opinions of those who contribute.  There
appears to be a wealth of intellectual capital represented.  And it is for
this reason I am writing.

I represent a rather new nonprofit, 4Ekselans, dedicated to investing in
tomorrow?s leaders in Haiti.  Recognizing the collective knowledge,
experience and wisdom of those on the list who truly desire to make a
difference in and for Haiti, we?d appreciate hearing about your successes
and failures - or your projects, insights, and ideas for making valuable
contributions. We can learn much from others!

We would like to invite anyone who would wish to enter into a dialogue
with us to write us directly at info@4Ekselans.org.  Our areas of interest
are education, microenterprise, health care & prevention, financial
education, community development, alternative energy - among other things.

Hope to hear from you!
Bev Najt