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29189: Dailey: The Return (fwd)

From: Peter Dailey <phdailey@msn.com>

As Preval has stated numerous times, the Haitian Constitution does not recognize the concept of exile. Moreover, a Haitian citizen may enter and leave the country without a visa. I assume this applies to the citizen's American wife as well. I have no doubt whatsoever that the former President embezzled millions and that his followers were responsible for the deaths of a great many people. However, the GOH has had ample time to bring a prosecution and has not done so, so presumably the evidence was not forthcoming. And while I believe that his return would be dangerously destabilizing, my opinion is irrelevant. I readily acknowledge that he would be greeted by enthusiastic crowds, and I suppose its possible that he still has a contribution to make, teaching or working with youth. And he's tan, rested and ready! So let's hear it for the man who was once the world's youngest head of state and president-a-vie, the Honorable Baby Doc!

Peter Dailey