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29299: petemaksonje: (reply) Re: 29298: (reply) Reply to Chamberlain (fwd)


Response to 29290

Chamberlain writes: "We've seen their mass descents on
Corbettland at various times over the past few years."
  As if the "we" is everyone else on the list, as if
everyone else agrees.  This is a free forum.  No
single opinion owns this list or speaks for the "we"
as defined by Chamberlain.

If people step out of line with "the" view of recent
events in Haiti then they are considered "Taliban,"
right?    And I quote 29290: "They're as pointless to
talk to as the Taliban"  You use open source Internet
websites to denounce those you disagree with.  You
provide no verifiable facts to back up your insults.

For uttering these words of dissent or "descent" I
will now be the next Corbettlander identified as a
?white Stalinist and propagandist.?  I am still
curious as to how one can discern so quickly the
ethnicity, political ideology, and career of every
individual that is lumped into this invented category?

I would be proud to be on the blacklist and sit
alongside such wonderful white folks as Peter Kondrat
and Kevin Pina.  I've always thought of Edward R.
Murrow as a hero.  My family and friends will whisper
Pastor Martin Niemöller's  poem as they lock me up.
"First they came?"

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