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29304: potemaksonje (reply) reply to Lyall (fwd)


JD Lyall is incorrect. The Haiti-Cuba relations were
not so black and white as he claims.

Aristide normalized relations with Cuba.  Preval and
Aristide negotiated numerous agreements with Cuba and
got many doctors into the country.  Cuban radio was
usually supportive of the Lavalas governments and I've
seen numerous opposition/u.s. right wing media outlets
use this as a line of attack.  Today, following
Latortue's departure, Haiti has good relations again
with Cuba.  If there were differences/criticisms I do
not believe this signaled a split as you imply.
Intelligent people knew that the embargo, attacks, and
destabilization were only further weakening the state
creating a health crisis that harmed hundreds of
thousands of people.

It is easy to blame the victim.