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29305: Chamberlain (fwd)

From: Jeb Sprague <jebsprague@mac.com>

I'm looking across Joe Emersberger's recent Znet article Discrediting
the Lancet Study on Haiti and I am unable to find any sentence where
he calls Charles Arthur "the devil."

Can you explain where you got this from Chamberlain?


In the same vein, the article by Joe Emersberger about The Lancet row
posted the other day (29291)  is a classic.  Anyone who has signed up
the Conspiracy Theorists 101 class should read it carefully to see the
amazing mental contortions and wild fantasies of these practitioners.
Corbetteer Charles Arthur, at the centre of the row, was once an
enthusiastic Aristide supporter.  He simply changed his mind on the
of solid evidence, as did countless others (including me).  So now he's
"the devil" and mercilessly (and comically) pilloried in the article.