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29323: Pershing (reply) Re: 29318: Durban (comment) re 29309 Raber on Gov't Vehicles (fwd)

From: tjpershing@aol.com

in actuality, it's usually businesses, special interests or self interest that gets roads paved in nascent democracies (old ones as well). Lobbying elected officials to focus on such interests is often best done by trade associations etc. Pulling the people onto the street, general strikes and the such are usually derived from such groups of powerful people- remember the General strike last winter against the insecurity and , essentially, MINUSTAH? The people, (the eventual voters) made it impressive but the leadership was a few wealthy PaP individuals with a bit of radio media savy.

So, if the 89 yr; old Patriarch doesn't like the potholes he should place a few phone calls (well, place a few dozen so a couple get through) and bend some air. And BTW- get the elected officials cars ( but I liked the option on the list to finance cars for them) and maybe they'll want better roads, traffic lights (they do work) and a bit of urban planning- T.