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29324: Leiderman (reply) filling potholes with Haitian culture (fwd)

Stuart Leiderman <leiderman@mindspring.com>

dear Readers:

thanks to Lance Durban this morning for his report on road conditions and petrified culture.  his description of navigating around potholes reminded me of playing those old-time pin-ball machines, where the object is to keep bouncing off obstacles to prolong the time when you'll ultimately go down the round dark hole at the bottom of the course...sex, death and taxes under glass, for twenty-five cents.  the player keeps fighting against gravity, while the ball is tired of getting beat up and just wants to drop the heck out of there ASAP.

I always appreciate and learn from the local color of Lance's and a few others' announcements and reports from Haiti, but they are the exception rather than the rule in this discussion list.   so much the worse, I say.  as a group, this is the unhappiest bunch of people I've ever encountered on the web.  and, with such a huge range of personal dissatisfactions, the result is that the readers collectively paint a scorned and disembodied image of Haiti and Haitians with little or no expectation of improvement.  I'd say this is a poor and twisted way to observe, apply or impact culture.  this turns Haiti into a "Rocky's Horror Show" that always draws the crowd because it never changes.

as a whole, I think this group is morbid.  it has no collective drive to resolve problems; it relies too much on second-hand news and hearsay; it beats too many dead horses...  why would so many morticians stand watch over such a cadaver?  are you waiting for a twitch? or do you just want to make sure it's dead?

thank you,

Stuart Leiderman