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29356: Rigdon: (announce) HAITI SHIPPERS GUIDE (fwd)

FROM: John Rigdon (jrigdon@researchonline.net

SUBJECT: Haiti Shippers Guide

I have put together a book - Haiti Shippers Guide - designed to help
organizations and individuals doing business in Haiti.

The book is designed to answer questions and provide key contact
information whether you just need to ship a package occasionally or you
are looking to do import and export with Haiti.

The Haiti Shippers Guide is available in paperback and on CD-ROM.
Details are on my web site at


Haiti Shippers Guide
Table of Contents

    Contacts and Trade Associations

Shipping Packages to Haiti
    Simple Shipping Guidelines
    Help with packages and parcels
    Airline requirements
    Commercial Shipping Firms
    Private Flights & Ships

Exporting to Haiti
    Licenses, Registration, Documentation and
        Import Procedures
    Membership in Free Trade Agreements
    Free Trade Zones
    Product Prohibitions & Restrictions
    Tariffs & Taxes
    Tariff Exemptions
    Customs Valuation
    Temporary Entry
     General Standards
    Testing and Certification
    Labeling and Packaging Requirements
    Pre-Shipment Inspection
        Computer Products
        Used Equipment
    Calculating Shipping Costs
    Financing, Accounts Receivable and Factoring
    Freight Forwarders, Customs Brokers And

Importing from Haiti
    Agricultural Wholesalers
    Handcraft Wholesalers

    Sources Used
    Directory of Shipping Firms
    Glossary of Terms

John Rigdon