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29357: Ives (announce): Edwidge Danticat & Annette "So An" Auguste interviews on WBAI (fwd)

From: K M Ives <kives@toast.net>

On Saturday, October 21 between 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., acclaimed novelist
Edwidge Danticat and well-known singer/activist Annette "So An" Auguste will
be interviewed on "Haiti: The Struggle Continues," a weekly radio show on
Pacifica's WBAI 99.5 FM in New York.

Danticat will talk, among other things, about her 2004 novel "The Dew

So An, who was illegally and brutally arrested by U.S. Marines in her home in May 2004 and held as a political prisoner for over two years, was released from jail in August. She will talk about her experiences and about her plans for the future with her all women chorale group.

"Haiti: The Struggle Continues" can also be heard, live or archived, online at www.wbai.org. The show is produced by the Haitian Collective at WBAI which includes Margareth Dominique, Roger Leduc, Marquez Osson and Kim Ives.