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29358: Simidor responds to Laforest and Ferdinand on deportees and human waste" (fwd)

From: Daniel Simidor

The expression ?human waste? is not mine.  That?s why
it?s in quotation marks in my original post.

It?s typical in a way that people?s sensibility should
be offended by the harsh words, but not so much by the
harsher reality behind them.

That reality -- call it the development of capitalism,
the mode of production in this country or the global
economy -- gobbles up people from the impoverished
?periphery? and shits back their young all over the
place, from Haiti and the wider Caribbean, to Central
America, all the way to Ethiopia (!), as hardened
criminals that those countries cannot absorb.

In Haiti, some of the ?deportees? have become fodder
in the political wars raging between old and new

Crime is down in NYC, Boston, Miami, L.A., cities
where many list members happen to live.  Meanwhile
kidnappings, gang warfare and violent crimes overwhelm
the wretched places some of us left behind.  How about
that for a coincidence?

If that lopsided reality angers you, well it should.
The point is to do something about it or, as someone
else said, to change the world.

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