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29417: kathleen (reply) 29410 (fwd)

From: Kathleen <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>

The sad thing about the Amnesty International's request for us to write to
"the authorities" about safety for the named, threatened individuals is the
unconscious elitism - of course members of human rights groups and their
families deserve to be safe, but so do everyone else, group members or not.
Did anyone else read the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS October 23, 2006 article on
Haiti, and how it has 5,000 police, many of whom are corrupt (a subsequent
post indicated that police are involved in kidnappings), whereas it needs
50,000, and all the roads and international aid in the world will do nothing
for Haiti until it is secure for every citizen and visitor?.  One cannot
even "call the cops," f'gawd's sake.
"The government" officials can have all the meetings in the world with their
counterparts, same with the NGOs, but until there is a
Law/Order/Judiciary/Penal system that works, people are going to react to
the disrespect attached to the danger and let Haiti go to hell in its own
way.   Which will hurt only the innocent.  Kathleen

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