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29533: Nat comments: vishnusurf reply: Re: 29487: Nat: News article by K Pina (fwd)

From: Rob 6969 <liberalproject@hotmail.com>

Who said Aristide was a saint? Did Pina say Aristide was a saint. Is Bush a saint? Was Clinton a saint?
Aristide is more like a survivor.

People who have seen the light with Aristide and then have turned their back on him probably were wrong when they expected him in the first place to be a saint who would save Haiti from all evils. Aristide could not be larger than the institution he inherited. He was a human being who deeply cared for the poor. That politics perverted him . Maybe !! Who would not be somehow perverted by a heavy and dangerous political process (specially in Haiti) It is Amy Wilents fault if she thought that Aristide would alone become the solution of Haiti. Aristide tried and could not for mostly external and historical reasons (le poids de l'histoire). His legacy will be mostly the historical decisions he made with vaudou, creole, the french debt and also his political courage to be the first to bring the poor masses into the political agenda. All the rest is fantasy for now. Aristide did not invent the drug cartels, the ops, corruption etc... All that started long before him and is still going on under Preval.