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29541: Nat anonymous: Pax Christi International (fwd)

From: Rob 6969 <liberalproject@hotmail.com>

What an aggressive tone. It seems that this message is quite personal and I am sure you know her well. I know she is not very liked by some people in the bourgeoisie who were quite jealous when she became minister under Aristide (some in the elite thought she betrayed them to accept the job or were simply jealous like Trouillot, Victor & Co who wanted her ministered). She is now scared for her own life receiving anonymous calls from people you might even know I am sure. Let's forgive one another and move on!! What do you think? Is it not better for Haiti? Maybe we are all guilty for something we did in the past (jobs we took, phrases we yelled on radio etc..) But it is the past and Jesus died for our sins and forgave us all. Let's move on and hug each other. That is what we all need in Haiti. To get all together at the Oloffson and hug in pajamas. In the US there are now organizing in big cities hug parties for people who are stressed lonely and angry. It works and these events are now happening in more cities across the world.