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29605: Kathleen: (reply) Re: 29604: Pierre (Announcement) Radio Show (fwd)

From: Kathleen <kathleenmb@adelphia.net>

the state of terror/insecurity ...concrete instrument...domination of the
reactionary ruling class...imperialist domination on the popular masses (who
are wearing designer jeans and carrying expensive cell phones, according to
one reporter on this list)..<
Anyone notice how many of the "reactionary ruling class" are leaving Haiti,
bringing their skills with them?  Those pesky kidnappings and murders
cramping their style?

So, if I read this first quote correctly, the gangs in Cite Soleil and the
rash of kidnappings are the direct result of "domination of the imperialist
Well, surprise, surprise, not a guilty or greedy Haitian working person in
the land.
Se toujou pa fot li.
They're playing "Soy Cuba", or at least the critique (neither Russians nor
Cubans liked it when it was first released, according to latter.)

  Let me go look for my Lenin pin and copy of Karl Marx and buy my ticket
(or someone else's ticket) to Cuba, or better yet, Siberia.  kathleen