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29628: loveayiti (comments) RE: 29619: (news) Chamberlain: ) (fwd)

From: love haiti <loveayiti@hotmail.com>

 Unfortunately for Preval, Haiti has been governed by either the extreme
left or extreme right over past twenty years. Neither side has much
patience and are waiting for him to make a major mistake.  The
international community is also watching. The gangs know the government
is weak and international peacekeepers are not about to risk their lives
for "Haitians". The businessman who supported his campaign will turn on
him if he turns to the left or does little to stop the kidnappings and
lavalas activists will turn on him if he takes strong measures against
the gangs and doesn't start behaving like a proper "leftist".

The only good news is to everyone surprise Aristide has become a

To think he actually campaigned for "this" job????

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