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29629: Kawonabo: (reply) Pierre (Reply) Re: 29623: Laforest (reply and asks). (fwd)

From: Kawonabo1500@aol.com

My comments came in response to someone who said that the bourgeois are
leaving Haiti with their skills. I attempted to use a little bit of irony and
satire to help that person reflect a little bit before speaking about the bourgeois
with their "skills". In other words, what "skills" can anyone talk of when
these bourgeois are responsible for dragging Haiti and the People to such
desperation, destitution, and generalized poverty in the Twenty-First Century?

    Further, I am not insinuating that Haiti is not their country but I am
affirming that they (the reactionary ruling classes (the bourgeoisie and the
rural landlords) - with the blessing of the international bourgeoisie - have done
everything in their power to destroy life in Haiti and Haiti itself.

    Some sectors take pleasure to simply blame the gangs operating in the
poor areas. Most of the gangs were (and are being) created and maintained by the
reactionary ruling classes, the drug cartels, including the lavalas
bureaucratic bourgeoisie (also known as the Gran Manje - Big Eaters) primarily to keep
the masses in check just like Duvalier used to do with the help of the Tonton
Macoutes (VSN) and SD (Detective Services, an ex-spy agency). The current
government is part of this crew too. They all fear the mass mobilization of the

     The gangs are being used willfully, tacitly, and skillfully,  then, to
terrorize the population. So, therefore what is happening in Haiti today is
really the work of the bourgeois and co. That's basically why the terrorism,
insecurity, and violence against the People will not stop anytime soon. It is a
necessity for those who hold economic and political power to keep enjoying their
privileges. They don't care about the People.
 M. Pierre