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29697: Clerie (Reply) Re: 29688: Simidor (reply): On Kawonabo's Anti-Bourgeoisie Rant (#29660) (fwd)

From: Philippe Clerie <philippe@gcal.net>

There is no need to shoot the messenger. I believe Lance is mostly correct in
his assessment.

Let me add that we also need to come out of this _we're the victim stuff_.
It's sometimes a useful argument but it's also a useless argument. First it's
not going to change anything. Second, the other guy just goes away, and
leaves us to our misery. One thing Lance has going for him is that he has
made a _choice_ to stay in Haiti, when every evening I go to sleep wishing I
could just leave. Why on earth would he (and many others) stay and care is
beyond me! Debate him, but don't shut him out.

Now, since we're speaking of debates, may I ask exactly how those of you who
are so critical of them, define the _bourgeois_ in Haiti?

the dominant class in
Haiti had the opportunity during the post-Aristide
transition to begin even in a small way "to try and
turn the Haitian ship of state."

And, I would just love to see you elaborate on that statement.

Instead they went on
another binge of grabbing every bit they could grab
while the country sank even deeper dans la merde.

And that one too!

So where are the ten just Haitian bourgeois types who
will save Haiti from the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah?

And that statement just baffles me! I think you mean it as just a rhetorical
question. But since you claim the bourgeois had a chance to make a
difference, maybe you do mean it? Which is it?

And before you shoot me too, I am Haitian and I live in Haiti. So hopefully I




The trouble with common sense is that it is so uncommon.