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a1064: Two former Friends: The Senator vs. The President (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Senator Dany Toussaint vs. President Jean Bertrand
Which one has the real power? More than 45
professionals security Guards guard these two folks,
they are indeed the two most protected people in
Haiti. During a session in the Senate, the President
of the Haitian who might become the new Prime Minister
was going to press for the removal of the immunity of
the Senator. According the Haitian law, no one shall
carry weapon on the senate floor during deliberation
except the security personal not body guard?   That
day, the Senator of Port-au-Prince was not only armed
but his security personal had taken the total control
of the senate building. Panic among the senators, they
did not even discuss the immunity issue in which a
commission of the Senate had taken more than three
months to examine.
The Senator of Port-au-Prince may be next strong man
in Haiti; he is enjoying the same popularity that Jean
Claude Paul had before he was murdered. Despite the
animosity that exists between him and his former
comrades, he may ally with them to save his skin.
As of today there is no relationship between the
Haitian President and his former loyal friend he had
proven that by putting his life on the line during the
Coup de Force of 1991.  He is tough when your most
loyal friends, your classmates, a member of your
family or your colleagues turn against you.
The Lavalasí family had split in two camps; a military
show down will be done to settle their indifferences.
It is crystal clear that the force of the Senator of
Port-au-Prince is ten times stronger than the
President who had to rely on foreigners to protect
him. The Senator has enough power to dispose or get
rid of his former friend but he will not make that
move unless he is forced to do so.
The Haitian President by appointing a three panel
judges to oversee the Dominique case had made sure
that the Senator is not indicted since all three must
agree and it has appeared that two of these judges
cannot stand each other. The force had made it clear
to the president that sending back the case to judge
Gassant can short circuit his presidency, he had acted
to buy some time
At this present moment, the Haitian president is
fighting for his survival but the eminent appointment
of Yvon Neptune has the Prime Minister an enemy of the
Senator might raise the tension a little higher, but
not enough to force the Senator to take over the
Now who has the real power in Haiti? The Haitian
President or the Senator

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