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a1065: Re: a1031 P. Louissaint assertion (fwd)

From: Msiekolo@aol.com

From: P Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>
However, I do no think there is a way to understand violence from wherever it
comes and for whomever is the target.<

Very easy my friend you understand it the same way you convince yourself that
a journalist get paid to write a lie. A soldier get paid to kill.  A
terrorist get paid to terrorize.

O GRANMET la!  Protect me from the love of G$D.

 I hope that I am badly misreading your assertions

>Writing is his job and as far as I know, until this minute Haiti is still a
free "capitalist" country<.

 Are you implying in a free "capitalist" country one can LIE as long as you
get paid ?

 One can vote to pass policy intended to deprive a group or for that matter a
country the chances to survive {healthcare,education and opportunity}. The
parlemantarian who knowingly does that ,is justified , as long as s[he] get
paid to do it....It goes the same for your Excellency Mr le Secretaire d'
Etat des U.S of A .

I want to believe that you are a satirist.But after all, that's the
reality.There are people like you describe them and they seem to be holding
tight to power.. This is really SAD.