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#898From AHP: 9 billion Gourdes spent on infrastructure

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

Port-auPrince, November 8 1999 - AHP- The minister of Public Works 
(TPTC in French), Serge RaphaŽl, announced on Monday that the Haitian State 
will have spent approximately 9 billion Gourdes (about  US $530 million)
from 1994 until 2000 in infrastructure work and road construction.

Mr. RaphaŽl who was speaking in the context of weekly presidential press
briefings further explained that in the case of road construction, the
State will have contributed 20%, IDB 38%, the Europen Union 29% and IDA, 
PL-480 and Taiwan 13%.

Mr. RafaŽl stated that this work absorbed about 50% of the State's budget
in the fiscal year 98/99.

Given the fact that road construction has a special impact on the 
development of the country, Mr. RafaŽl stressed that his ministry is
on three programs related to road construction and infrastructure work.

These involve a national transportation plan, one for vehicular circulation 
and a third for the clean-up of the major cities of the country.

The minister stressed that a new service called the "Urban Maintenance 
Service " will henceforth be in charge of maintaining the streets of 
Port-au-Prince and of provincial towns.

The minister also announced the construction and repair of several road
sections in the nine departments of the country. The government's priority 
is the construction of National Highways No. 1 and 3.

AHP 8 novembre 1999 3:00 PM 

Translated by Max Blanchet