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# 926: Starting A Carnival Group

From: Lawrence A. Harper Sr. <lawrencesr@yahoo.com>

Please Entitled This 'Starting A Carnival Group'

I don't know when Carnavial is going 2 start....but
please keep me informed as 2 any information that u
may obtain.  I strongly urge u 2 join Robert Corbett's
Haiti list (his address is in the heading) whereas
this is the best place 2 obtain information relating 2
Haiti....even Madaline Albright comes here 4 this

4 the rest of the list members...if u would like to
start an addtional list 4 folks planning 2 attend the 
Big Event...lets c if Bob or some 1 can start a
sublist with updates...maybe we can buy airline/hotel
@ a discount....

[Corbett comments:  I don't have the time to handle another list,
even a small one.  Please just contact Lawrence at his address above
and he can maintain such a list.    Bob Corbett]