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#927: [haitian-advocacy] Re: No Subject (fwd)


Hi Fellows:

I remember informing you about some Haitian Citizens who were stucked in 
Haiti and how through the office of Senator Bob Graham got their papers and 
flew to Orlando with me.  I wonder if you put some interest in this kind of 
activities (démarches) in helping not only those in the US but also children, 
wives, and husbands stucked in Haiti.
I am about to go to Haiti from 11/12 to 11/18 and would be more than happy to 
help with some specific cases if and only if I can have legitimate documents 
and detail proofs.
Please contact HASGCEF and ask for Edwige Romulus at (407) 428-5753 or fax 
(407) 428-1682 before 5:00 PM tomorrow 11/11.

We will inform you soon about the progress of our organization.

By the way, we need to cotiously focuss on Census 2000 because many are 
concerned about the INS involvement during the Census 2000 process as that 
was done in 1980.

Take care and keep up the good work.


Edwige Romulus,
Chairman of HASGCEF

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