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#961: 60 Minutes on November 14 (Comments)

From: LMB <lauretteb@yahoo.com>

Dear Mike and All:

Thank you for sending this to the list and I hope many of you got a chance
to catch the piece on Haiti last night. 

As usual. I was infuriated by what I learned and felt that the Haitian
Government was a complete absentee in the JUSTICE process. USAID seems to
have been given free reign in this important domain in our country and the
firm which was awarded the contract has done a dismal job.

The second phase of the Justice Program sponsored by USAID (The U.S. hand
in International Affairs) is supposed to start in January 2000 and I
wonder which firm is going to be awarded the contract?

Does the Haitian Government (via its Foreign Affairs Ministry) ever
conduct due diligence (backgroung investigations) on the officials that
are sent to Haiti, particularly from USAID?

Furthermore are Haitian Government officials even interested in this
burning issue of Justice reform. It was interesting to see that not one
Haitian official appeared on the special done by 60 minutes.