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#962: New York City meeting on Turmoil in Haiti (fwd)


The Haiti Support Network (HSN) presents

                             TURMOIL IN HAITI
                             ======= == =====

Ben Dupuy, secretary general of the National Popular Party (PPN)
Monica Moorehead, national coordinator of the Millions for Mumia campaign
Maude LeBlanc, co-director of Haiti Progres newsweekly
Kim Ives, journalist and member of the Haiti Support Network

Date:     November 18, 1999
Time:     7 pm
Location: Union Hall,
          33 West 14th St. (between 5th and 6th Avenue),

Donation: $3 (no one turned away for lack of funds)
For more information, contact:
Haiti Support Network at 212-633-6646 or 718-434-8100

Elections are approaching.  Political violence and police brutality
are surging. Haitian police are being trained in "civil rights"
by U.S. cops from some of the most brutal, corrupt and despotic
police forces in  the country --New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles.
Occupying U.S. troops are setting up bases around
the country before their withdrawal. The Dominican Republic
is gearing up to expel Dominicans of Haitian ancestory and perhaps
planning to invade Haiti.

The U.S. still refuses to return 160,000 pages of evidence of
crimes committed during the coup.  Cuban doctors are staffing
hospitals all over Haiti. Meanwhile, privatization continues to
be met by mass protests.

Hear Ben Dupuy, coming direct from Haiti, and other speakers
analyze Haiti's explosive situation and the prospects for the
struggle there in the months ahead.